Shopify native gift cards vs. Govalo Gift Cards

Shopify provides a native gift card solution, but it does not deliver the optimal gifting experience. At Govalo, we have taken the gift card experience to the next level. Our solution enhances the capabilities of gift cards by providing a more personalized and customized gifting experience for both gift givers and recipients. With Govalo, gift cards can be delivered directly to the recipient with a high level of customization, making the gift truly unique and special.

Note: in the backend Govalo will still create a Shopify Gift Card, so you'll be able to find all the gift cards issued through Govalo on Shopify under Products > Gift cards. This means that Govalo gift cards will also count toward your Shopify reports.

We take gift-giving seriously and have made it our priority to offer a superior solution to our customers. By providing an interactive and engaging shopping experience, Govalo ensures that recipients receive a gift that truly feels like a gift of choice. See below how Shopify native gift cards and Govalo gift cards compare in terms of functionality:

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Shopify native gift cards vs. Govalo gift cards

Here's a summary of the differences between Shopify and Govalo gift cards:

Shopify Govalo
Easily create a gift card product
Event Timeline
Redeem on Shopify POS
Send directly to the recipient
Deliver now or on a selected date
Customer view for the balance on a gift card
Easily customize a gift card product
Update the balance on a gift card
Issue Gift Cards in Bulk / Corporate gifting
Edit and resend Gift Card
Out-of-Stock Integration
Set timezone and delivery time
Klaviyo/Omnisend integration for custom email templates
Rewards: include a gift card in orders above a certain threshold

In summary, while Shopify's gift card solution is adequate, Govalo's solution offers a superior gifting experience. Our platform allows for greater customization and personalization and provides a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for the recipient.

Buying a gift card

Customers will find buying a Govalo gift card as easy as buying any other product in your store. When adding a gift card to their cart, customers will be presented with a popup where they can add the recipient's details and select a delivery date. The video below shows how easy it is to buy a Govalo gift card and get it delivered directly to the recipient:

Redeeming a gift card

Recipients receive an email through which they can easily retrieve the gift card received, and get to your store to redeem it right away. In the video below we show how seamless we have made it for the recipient:

Additional features

Gift cards are only the tip of the iceberg. Govalo offers many other incredible features which you can use to improve your gifting experience. We can help you not only improve the experience around gift cards but also help make it easier to gift subscriptions and other products in your store. We invite you to check the guides below for other powerful features offered by Govalo:

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