Subscription Gifts - How it works

You wish to offer your customers the option to buy a subscription as a gift, and you must be wondering how Govalo will help you achieve that. You want to know what it will look like for your customers and the experience around.

We have created this guide so you can understand exactly how Govalo does subscription gifting. Below we describe both the buyer's experience, showing how they will buy a subscription as a gift, as well as the recipient's experience, detailing the steps taken to redeem a subscription gift.

Subscription gifting through Govalo will offer your customers the same experience whether you're using Recharge or Bold Subscriptions to set up your subscriptions.

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What does it look like on my subscription page?

To keep things simple, Govalo adds a gifting option to your existing subscription product. This will be a button next to your regular "Add to Cart" button that reads Send a Gift. As an example, you can check this sample product (password: abc123), which displays the gifting option as shown below:

Gifting a subscription

It's very easy to gift a subscription through Govalo. When customers arrive on your subscription product's page, they will click the  Send a gift button, shown earlier, which will open the following popup:

Filling out the necessary details is intuitive - your customers will simply do as follows:

  • If your subscription has different variants, select what they wish to gift, e.g. a subscription for a "12 oz coffee bag, whole bean"
  • The Number of Payments, i.e. how many cycles, or deliveries, they wish to gift
  • The recipient's name and email address, so the gift can be sent via email
  • The Delivery Date, which is when we will send the recipient an email informing them they've been gifted a subscription

Once these details have been added, your customer will add the gift to the cart and proceed through checkout as usual. They will be charged the amount corresponding to the number of deliveries they're gifting:

Note: this process will not create a new subscription. Govalo will create and email the recipient a code, similar to a gift card, which the recipient will then use to redeem their gift and create their subscription at their convenience.

Redeeming a subscription gift

On the delivery date selected, the recipient will receive an email informing about the subscription they've been gifted:

When clicking the "Get your subscription!" button, the recipient will then be taken through the steps to redeem their subscription. First, they'll get to our redemption page, where they can retrieve the code to redeem their gift:

The recipient will first copy their gift code, then click Start Shopping, which will take them to your subscription page:

Here the recipient will go through a regular checkout process, so they will:

  • Select their subscription frequency (e.g. every 1 month)
  • Select their subscription details - say you've gifted someone the "Whole bean" option, but they want "Espresso" instead, the recipient has the chance to select exactly what they want before adding the subscription to the cart
  • Finally, add the subscription to the cart

The recipient will then proceed to checkout as usual then, on checkout, they will apply the code they obtained earlier from our redemption page:

The recipient will then complete the checkout and finally redeem their subscription. Redeemed subscription gifts will be managed by your subscription app and willwork exactly like any other subscriptions. Recipients will have full control of their subscription and will also receive any renewal notifications you have already set up.

Note: recipients must still enter their payment details on checkout when redeeming a subscription gift. This is a Shopify requirement so they can be enrolled in a subscription.

How to set up your Subscription Gifts

Ready to set up your subscription gifts? Please follow one of the guides linked below, depending on whether you use Recharge or Bold Subscriptions:

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