Corporate/Bulk Gifting

Note: this feature is available for stores in the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Corporate Gifting, also referred to as "Bulk Gifting", is the ability to issue multiple gift cards, sent to different recipients, all at once. While that could already be done by merchants through the Govalo app (see How to issue multiple Gift Cards in bulk via admin), we have now added the ability for customers to do it from the Gift Card product page in your store.

When enabled, this option gets added right under the "Send a Gift Card" button, as seen below:

Here are a few details you should be aware of before enabling this feature:

  • Once enabled, this option will be available for all your gift card products created through Govalo
  • Govalo will start creating the gift cards as soon as the order is processed - please notice it may take a few minutes or hours until you see all the gift cards listed in the app, depending on the number of gift cards being created
  • When choosing the value for the gift cards to be issued, the customer must choose among the denominations available for that gift card product
  • Before issuing the gift cards, Govalo will run a validation to confirm if the format of the file sent is correct, also checking if the values and email addresses informed are valid, and verifying that all the required fields have been filled

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Enabling Corporate/Bulk Gifting


In the Govalo app, go to Configure and scroll down to the General section.


Click Corporate/Bulk gifting:


Click Enable, then Save:

How to issue gift cards in bulk

The steps below will be followed by customers accessing the store, who wish to issue gift cards in bulk:


On the gift card product's page, click the text you see right under the Send a Gift Card button:


In the popup that opens, click the link to download the CSV template:


Edit the CSV template, filling out the details for each gift card to be issued - one card per line. The file has the following columns:

  • name: the recipient's name
  • email: the recipient's email address
  • value: the value of the gift card (note: you must choose among the denominations available for the gift card product)
  • deliveryDate: the date when the gift card should be delivered (e.g. '10/04/2022' for October 4, 2022)
  • note: a custom greeting note to be sent with the gift card

Once the CSV file is ready, click Add file to select and upload your file:


Once the file has been uploaded, you'll see a list with the recipients' details and the values of their gift cards, including the total. To proceed, click Add to Cart:


You'll notice that a separate item will be added to the cart for each gift card value included in the file:

If your file contains, for example, two $10 gift cards, both would be under the same item in the cart, and its quantity will be set as "2". Rest assured that each gift card will be correctly sent to each recipient, as we will be handling this on the backend.


From the cart page, click Checkout and proceed with the checkout as usual.

Changing the verbiage around the feature

You can edit the texts related with this feature, such as the link your customers will click, as well as other labels within our popup, as outlined below:


In the Govalo app, go to Configure > Configure language:


Scroll down to the section Bulk gift card purchase page. Here you'll have many options to change pretty much any text related with this feature. Make sure to Save your changes when you're done editing.

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