Getting started with Giftable Products

Note: this feature is available for stores in the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Digital gifting goes beyond just delivering a gift card via email, it's about improving the entire gifting experience. Govalo is on a mission to make gifting easier for every customer, no matter the circumstances or hurdles they face when trying to find that perfect gift.

With that in mind, we now offer: Giftable Products

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What are Giftable Products?

If you've been using Govalo for a while, at this point you may be familiar with our  Gift Cards, perhaps even with Subscription Gifts, and how we improve the experience around digital gifting.

What if you want to make it easy for a customer to gift any product in your store, with a similar experience to gift cards?

"Giftable Products" does that by adding an option to send any product as a gift. Here's how it works:

  1. The customer selects the option to send the product as a gift, filling out the recipient's name and email address.
  2. The recipient receives an email with a link through which they can fill out their shipping address, and select the option they wish to receive as a gift (if the product has multiple variants, e.g. "size" for clothes).
  3. The customer receives an email back containing a checkout link, pre-filled with the recipient's shipping address and selected option, so they can make the payment.

This process will result in an order that can then be fulfilled as usual. See the video below for a demo:

Setting it up


In the Govalo app, go to Gift products and click Set up new gift product:


Select the product you wish to also offer as a gift:

You'll see the message "Gift product created successfully". The gifting option will automatically be available for the product.

If you need to disable this option for a product you have added to Govalo:


In the Govalo app, go to Gift products and click View all:


Find the product in the list and click on it:


Click Disable:

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