Getting started with Subscription Gifts

Looking for how subscription gifting works in practice? See Subscription Gifts - How it works for the exact experience your customers will get.

It's a fact that subscription ecommerce has become a huge thing. From streaming services to the recurring delivery of consumable goods, subscriptions continue to grow, and this type of ecommerce has proven its value to the merchants which adopted it: monthly recurring revenue, higher retention, and better customer loyalty, just to name a few.

Gifting is also a huge part of ecommerce, showing a great potential through constant growths, yet many stores lack the features and flexibility customers look for when buying a gift. Buying someone a gift is often difficult, and it can get especially challenging when we talk about gifting a subscription.

The integration between Govalo and subscriptions comes to address those challenges, delivering a digital gifting strategy that delights both your customers and their gift recipients with a tailor-made gifting experience. All while being simple to implement, and making the back-end management and analytics clear for your team.

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Create a real gift subscription experience

Design an experience for customers purchasing gifts, tailor-made to suit the features, information, and options that they're looking for. Amplify the power and reach of your subscriptions by allowing customers to buy them as gifts in the most simplified way - easy for the buyer, pleasant for the recipient, good for you.

See below an overview of what you get by integrating Govalo into your subscriptions.

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Improve sales with a better gift buying experience

Gifting a subscription can be tricky, as oftentimes the customer needs to purchase a subscription as if it is for themselves, but then input the details for the recipient. It gets even trickier later on, when after the gifted period the recipient wants to remain subscribed, and the subscription's ownership and payment details need to be changed.

Using Govalo, the customer will purchase the subscription as a gift and it will be delivered directly to the recipient - let them redeem it at their convenience and have full control of the subscription they got!

See the experience your customers will get at Subscription Gifts - How it works.

As easy as it gets!

Give your customers what they want

Give customers the gift of choice, with greater flexibility and more options for gifting to suit their needs.

Does your subscription have multiple variants? That's great, they will all become gifting options! Do you want to allow your customers to gift a different amount of cycles, say 3, 6, or even 12 months? That's an option too, you have full control of the options you offer.

Redeeming Subscription Gifts made easier

Redeeming a subscription gift is as easy as redeeming a gift card. Govalo sends the recipient an email informing what they got and the instructions to redeem their gift.

The recipient has full control of their subscription gift, being able to redeem it and start their subscription at their convenience. Whether they decide to terminate or continue their subscription once the gifted period is over, no further action is required either from you or the customer who bought it.

See Subscription Gifts - How it works for further details about the customer experience.

Boost AOV and retention from gift sales

Subscription gifts go one step further in both acquisition and retention. With them, you have two customers involved in the process - the buyer, and the recipient - and therefore you have twice the opportunity to impress your customers!

The buyer will judge their experience based on how easy it was to purchase the gift, while the recipient will take into account how easy it was to redeem it. As mentioned earlier, we're making both experiences great, so you can put your focus directly on your business and continue to do your best to delight your customers!

Ready to integrate Govalo into your subscriptions? See the instructions below for Recharge or Bold Subscriptions:

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