Recharge - Setting up your gift subscription

In this guide, you will receive support on how to successfully set up your Recharge gift product and integration.

Step 1

Select "Connect Recharge".

Step 2

Select "Install.

Step 3

Select "Add subscription product".

Step 4

Select the product that you would like to add to a subscription.

*Note: If you receive the message below, login to Recharge to add a product.

Step 5

Customize your subscription product.You have the ability to edit the product name, image, and number of times the subscription will be sent (cycles).Once you're ready for the subscription product to go live, select "Enable".

*Note: although the product is already in your store, a second product with "gift" will automatically be created once the subscription product is added . This differentiates the original product from the subscription product. 

Congratulations! You have successfully setup your Recharge Subscription Integration.

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