Adding new Gift Card Products

Govalo allows you to have multiple gift card products for different occasions! To create additional gift card products:


In the Govalo app, go to Configure and click Create gift card product:


Enter your desired product description name and product description. Upload a gift card image or feel free to use one of our templates!


Click Save when you're ready to create the new gift card.

Note: If you are prompted to enable cookies, please enable them. If this occurs, your data will be lost and you will need to create the gift card again.


The gift card will be created in Draft mode by default. Click Activate when you are ready to activate it:


Once the card is created, you can also update other details such as the values offered, as well as the product SEO. Make sure to click Save in case you make additional changes.

If you integrate Govalo with Recharge or Bold Subscriptions later on, do not add gift card products created through Govalo to these apps, since gift cards are not meant to offer a subscription option. The integration with Recharge/Bold Subscriptions allows you to add an option to your subscription products so customers can also purchase them as a gift. You can read further about how this works at Getting started with Subscription Gifts.

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