Adding a Gift Card to your navigation

Congratulations on making your gift card product. Now it is time to add the gift card to your navigation - doing so surfaces the gift card to your customers meaning they will see it more easily, and in turn are more likely to buy one.

Let's dig in.


Ensure you have your gift card product created - for more information on how to do so click here.


Once it has been created, go to "Navigation" within the "Online Store" drop down in your Shopify admin:


From there, click on either "Footer menu" or "Main menu" (we recommend putting gift cards in your header so that they do not become an after thought, or are difficult to discover):


Next, click "Add menu item":


Put your desired name (we recommend "Gift card" or "Gifting") in the name field:


Once you have entered a name for the menu item, click on "Product":


Choose the desired gift card product:


Click the "Add" button at the bottom of the "Add menu item" slide out drawer:


You will now see the gift card reflected in your navigation. Congratulations! You have added a gift card to your navigation and are ready to go:

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