I've integrated with Klaviyo, but the gift cards aren't being delivered

If you have integrated Govalo and Klaviyo but your gift cards aren't being delivered, there are a few things you can check:

Confirm that Govalo sent the gift card

The first thing you can check is whether Govalo already triggered the event to send the gift card, which will only happen on the date it has been scheduled to be delivered (see When (date/time) will a scheduled Gift Card be delivered? for further information about delivery times).

In order to do this, in the Govalo app, go to the Gift cards dashboard and navigate to the gift card you wish to check the delivery for. Then, check its delivery date to confirm if the gift card should have been delivered already, and the Timeline where you can look for the delivery event:

You may hover the mouse cursor over the event to see further details about the delivery date and time.

Make sure your integration with Klaviyo is properly set up

If Govalo triggered the delivery event but the gift card was still not delivered, we suggest checking the integration between Govalo and Klaviyo to make sure it's enabled, as well as your gift card flow in Klavivyo, to make sure it's properly set up and active.

You can refer to the following guide:

If you end up needing to make adjustments to the integration, you can follow the steps on How to resend a gift card email to re-send the gift card once the integration is fixed.

Check if Klaviyo is skipping or suppressing the emails

If Govalo and Klaviyo are properly integrated, and Govalo is triggering the delivery event, Klaviyo may be suppressing the emails for some reason. While we wouldn't have the details about why Klaviyo didn't deliver an email, we have seen cases in which Klavyio is suppressing the email because the recipient opted out of emails, so that could be a possible cause.

To verify if that's the case, you may start by looking up the recipient's email in Klaviyo's search then, once in their profile, you can filter by the Received gift card metric to confirm that the event reached Klaviyo:

From their profile, you can also look into Messages, where you can find the messages sent. You may check both messages Sent and Skipped, and check if any of the messages have a further indication about why they failed:

If you have verified that everything is properly set up and looks correct on Govalo's end, but need help checking why Klaviyo isn't delivering the emails, we suggest reaching out to Klaviyo's support for further assistance.

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