How to resend a gift card email

Sometimes you may need to re-send a gift card email, either because the recipient didn't receive it the first time, lost it, or the buyer misspelled the recipient's email, so you have to edit it and re-send the email.

Below you'll find steps for how to resend it for gift cards, store credit, and subscription gifts:

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Resend a Gift Card or Store Credit

Note: the information below also applies to Store Credit - in this case, use the Store Credit section in the Govalo app.


In the Govalo app, go to the Gift cards dashboard, then locate the gift card you wish to resend and access its details page:


If you need to adjust the recipient's email, click Edit, adjust the email address, then Save it. Otherwise, skip to the next step:


Click on Actions, then Resend email. Govalo will resend the email right away, and you'll see a new entry for it in the Timeline:

Resend a Subscription Gift


In the Govalo app, go to Integrations, then click Configure next to the subscription app integration you have (Recharge or Bold Subscriptions):


Scroll down to the list of Active gifted subscriptions, locate the subscription gift you wish to resend, and click the link under Order info to access the gift's details page:


If you need to adjust the recipient's email, click Edit next to the Gifted subscription details. Otherwise, skip to step 5:


Edit the email address, then click Save:


Finally, click on Actions > Resend email to have the subscription gift sent to the new email address:

Note: it's not possible to edit the recipient's email on subscription gifts that have been already redeemed.

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