Recharge - Customizing your email template

Note: this article doesn't apply if you have integrated Govalo with Klaviyo or Drip.

When you're using the Govalo/Recharge integration, whenever someone buys a subscription gift, Govalo takes care of sending an email to the recipient with the details for redeeming the gift.

We offer some options for you to configure the look and feel in that email, so here's how you can do it:


In the Govalo app, go to Integrations > Configure Recharge > Configure email template.


When you get to the editor, on the right you'll find some pre-defined settings you can adjust:


If you need to adjust the styles even further, scroll down until you find the  Custom CSS box. Here you can add custom CSS that affect the elements in the email template. You may use the classes in the Commonly used classes box as reference:

After you're done making changes, make sure to click Save.
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