How to issue Store Credit

The ability to give your customers store credit can play a major role on improving their experience with returns, besides helping you reducing revenue loss. Below you'll see how you can make use of this feature in Govalo.

For further details about how to benefit from the Store Credit feature, read our blog post Why you should be using store credit.

Note: this feature is available for stores in the Premium and Enterprise plans.

There are two ways you can issue store credit:

Through the Govalo App


In the Govalo app, go to Store credit and click Issue store credit:


Fill out the form and, when finished, click Issue store credit in the lower right corner:

  • Fill the First name, Last name and Email fields with the recipient's details
  • For immediate delivery, leave the Delivery date set as of today

Next, in the popup that opens, click Issue store credit to confirm and finish issuing the credit:

You can find the credit issued in the Active store credit in the Store credit dashboard:

Through Shopify Orders


In Shopify, go to Orders and select the order you wish to issue a store credit for.


In the order details page, click the More actions button, then click Issue store credit with Govalo:


You will be redirected to the Issue a store credit page where you can enter the customer’s information. The order resource ID will automatically populate in the comment section through this method. Once the information is complete, you can proceed issuing the credit the same way as when starting it from the Govalo app:

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