Customizing fonts and layout in the email template

Note: this article applies to stores using Govalo as their email source. If you use a 3rd party app such as Klaviyo for sending gift card emails, the template must be configured directly in that app.

One of the great things about the Govalo app is that we encourage gift card customization, including the email through which our digital gift cards are delivered! Here's how you can customize the emails sent by Govalo:


In the Govalo app, go to Configure > Configure email templates.


Select the template you wish to edit:


On the right you'll find some pre-defined settings you can adjust:


If you need to adjust the styles even further, scroll down until you find the Custom CSS box. Here you can add custom CSS that affect the elements in the email template. You may use the classes in the Editable Classes box as a reference:

Make sure to Save your changes once you're done editing.

If you wish to customize your emails entirely, you may consider integrating Govalo with Klaviyo.

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