The gift card shows as "Sold out" on checkout

Govalo has been integrated into your store, and the gift card product is working - you are able to fill in the recipient details, add the gift card to the cart, but when you get to checkout, you see a Sold out message:

This may be an indicative that you need to review your Locations settings in Shopify and in your gift card product. By default, Govalo creates your gift card product set with your default location which, according to Shopify constraints, will also be a location from where you fulfill online orders.

In this article:

Review your Shopify Locations

In Shopify, go to Settings > Locations, and check which one is your default location:

You can also navigate into your secondary locations to verify whether online orders are set to be fulfilled from those locations or not:

Review the Locations set for your gift card

In Shopify, under Products, locate the gift card created by Govalo and navigate into it, then navigate into each of its variants. Scroll down and check the Inventory section for details about the Locations set for the variant:

Adjust the locations as needed

If it's set only with a location you don't fulfill from, you'll get the Sold out message on checkout. In order to adjust it, click Edit locations, and set it with at least one location you fulfill from:

  • Since Govalo creates the gift card product set with your default location, this issue is rather a consequence of changes done to Locations without necessary adjustments done to products (and vice-versa);
  • If you change your default location, and you don't fulfill products from that location anymore, make sure to adjust your gift cards so they can be fulfilled from another location;
  • If you create a gift card product and change its location, setting it to one you don't fulfill from, either adjust it setting it with a location you fulfill from, or configure the location you've set for your gift card to also fulfill products from it. 

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