Does Govalo support multiple currencies?

The short answer is yes, Govalo will be functional and work fine, however there are a few caveats:

Display Price

When a currency other than your default one is selected by the customer, the value of the gift card will be properly converted, and the customer will be charged accordingly. The card's denomination, however, won't display the converted price. This happens because the denomination is a text (it's essentially that variant's title), so while the product's display price is converted, the variant's title remains the same.

See how it looks like, for instance, in a store having USD as its default currency, and BRL as the currency selected by the customer, for the $10 USD option in a gift card:

The same will happen at the cart level - the item's price and subtotal will display the converted amount, however the property we use to display the gift card's price (also a text) will display the original price:

This won't cause issues when using Govalo, but to avoid any confusion for your customers, you may add a disclaimer in the gift card's description informing about this, so your customers know they're paying the desired amount in the selected currency.

It may be possible to replace the variant's title in the product page and in the cart, so it also reflects the converted amount, however that would need a customization at the theme level. For that, we recommend reaching out to a theme developer.

Processed Amount

Regardless of the currency used when processing an order, Shopify will process it according to your store's base currency. Therefore, the amount in the gift card created will be slightly different than the standard value set when it goes through currency conversions. See, for instance, a $10 USD gift card that went through currency conversion:

This won't cause any issues, but it's something to keep in mind.

Note: the tests above were conducted when using Shopify's native currency converter. If you're using a 3rd party currency converter, we recommend testing it alongside Govalo to make sure it will work according to your needs.

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