Adding Gift Card information to the Shopify order confirmation email

You may want to include specific information from the Govalo gift card purchase in your order confirmation email that is sent out by Shopify.  This is definitely something that can be configured by following the guide below:

Step 1

In your Shopify Admin, select "Settings" from the bottom left of the page

Step 2

Open the "Notifications" menu and select "Order Confirmation"

Step 3

You can use the code below as a template to add in the information you'd like for orders that contain a gift card created by Govalo.  

{% assign govalo_card_count = 0 %} 
{% for line in line_items %}
{% if line.product.tags contains "Govalo Gift Card (Do Not Delete)" %}{% assign govalo_card_count = govalo_card_count | plus: 1 %}{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{% if govalo_card_count > 0 %}
<p>Your order contains {{ govalo_card_count + 1 }} gift card{% if govalo_card_count > 1 %}s{% endif %}.</p>
{% for item in line_items %}
{% if item.product.tags contains "Govalo Gift Card (Do Not Delete)" and["Delivery Date"] %}
<li>Your gift card being sent to {{["Recipient Name"] }} will be delivered on {{["Delivery Date"] }}.</li>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Depending on the customizations that you add, it will look something like this! 

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