Why did I not receive an email with the gift card?

If you issued a gift card and an email was not received, there are usually two common reasons for this:

The gift recipient's email address does not exist or is misspelled

To check the email address, and resend the email:


In the Govalo app, go to the Gift Cards dashboard, then find the gift card you'd like to work with and click on View details:


Verify that the email address is correct and use the Edit button to update the recipients address if needed:


Once this has been saved, you can resend the gift card to the recipient by clicking on Actions > Resend:

Your email service provider is blocking the email from being sent

It's likely that if you're using an email address that is either @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com, that service provider is blocking the email from being sent out to the recipient.

To check what email address you're using:


In Shopify, click on Settings:


Check the email that you currently have listed. If you are indeed using either @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com, it's highly recommended to change the email to either @yourdomain.com or @gmail.com:

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