Why did I not receive an email with the gift card?

If you issued a gift card and an email was not received, there are two common reasons for this:

The gift recipient's email address does not exist or is misspelled. 

To check the email address, and resend the email, you would open Govalo and:

1.  Find the gift card you'd like to work with and click on the "View details" button

2.  Verify that the email address is correct and use the edit button to update the recipients address if needed

3.  Once this has been saved, you can resend the gift card to the recipient by selecting "Actions" and "Resend"

Your email service provider is blocking the email from being sent. 

It's likely that if you're using an email address that is either @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com, that service provider is blocking the email from being sent out to the recipient.  To check what email address you're using, open up the Shopify Admin and:

1.  Click on "Settings"

2.  Check the email that you currently have listed.  If you are indeed using either @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com, it's highly recommended to change the email to either @yourdomain.com or @gmail.com

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