Multi-store Support: Universal Gift Card Redemption Across Your Brands and Stores

Note: this feature is available for stores in the Premium and Enterprise plans. This feature is also currently in beta - if you wish to have it enabled, please, reach out to our team at

If you are an organization with multiple stores or brands under your umbrella, and you use Govalo across all your shops, at some point you may have wanted to let your customers redeem their gift card on any of your stores, no matter which one the gift card was sent from.

This is now possible with Govalo's Multi-store feature!

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How it works

When you have Multi-store enabled, the recipient will see an extra option on the redemption page, to transfer their gift card to another one of your stores:

Through this option, they can transfer the gift card to any store you have set under your organization - all they need to do is click Shop here, and the card will be transferred right away:

After doing the transfer, the recipient will see multiple cards on the redemption page. Naturally, only one of them will have a balance:

Here are a few more details about what your customers can do with Multi-store support:

  • Gift cards can be transferred across your stores as many times as your customers need, as long as the gift card is active and has a remaining balance
  • Gift cards that have been used but still have a remaining balance can also be transferred - in that case, only the remaining balance will be transferred
  • Cards that have been disabled or have no balance can't be transferred

Managing Multi-store gift cards

With Multi-store enabled you can manage your gift cards just as usual! As an admin, you do get the option to transfer a gift card to another one of your stores:

The Timeline of the gift card you're viewing will display information about when it is transferred:

We have also added an extra section under Configure > Organizations, where you can view which stores are part of your organization, and easily identify under which one of your stores a gift card is currently:

Here are some extra details to consider about the Multi-store feature:

  • Initially, a gift card only exists in the store where it was issued from
  • When a gift card is transferred, a new gift card will be created in the store it's being transferred to, having the same gift card code. Its current balance will be entirely transferred, and it will be zeroed in the store it's being transferred from
  • When disabling or deleting a gift card, make sure to do it from the store where it's currently active (i.e. where it has a positive balance), since gift cards won't automatically sync across stores

Enabling the Multi-store feature

Since Multi-store is currently in beta, it's not possible to enable it via the Govalo app. Please, reach out to our team at and we will be happy to enable it for you.

Note: all the stores must use the same currency. At the moment, the Multi-store feature doesn't support stores with different currencies.

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