Theme App Extension V2

Govalo is readily compatible with most Shopify themes, integrating seamlessly with them and allowing you to get your gift cards set up within minutes.

We have observed some instances, however, in which only the first value available on a gift card gets added to the cart regardless of the value selected by the customer, in which case some tweaks are required to make sure the right option gets added to the cart.

With the V2 of our Theme App Extension, these tweaks are no longer necessary. If you have installed Govalo and noticed that the first value on the gift card always gets added to the cart, no matter what value is selected, simply follow the steps below:


In the Govalo app, go to Configure > Advanced gift card configurations:


Under Extension version, select Version 2 and click on Save:


You will notice our gift card popup will now contain a price selector, through which customers can choose the gift card value. You may keep your theme's variant selector visible, although it won't take effect, but if you wish to hide it just on the gift card page, you may do so through the Custom CSS field, further down on the advanced configurations page:

This will require a bit of programming knowledge so you can target the right element and hide it using CSS. If needed, our team will be happy to assist - simply email us at

If Govalo already works fine for you and you simply wish to have the price selector included within our popup, go ahead and switch to V2! It will continue to be compatible with your Shopify theme in the same way that V1 is.

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