Rewards: include a free gift card on orders above a certain threshold

Note: this feature is available for stores in the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Govalo's Rewards feature allows you to incentivize customers to make larger purchases. With this feature, merchants can offer free gift cards on orders that exceed a certain threshold. This means that customers who meet the specified purchase amount will receive a gift card that they can use towards a future purchase.

Here's how you can set it up:


In the Govalo app, go to Configure and click on Rewards:


Under Select gift card, click on Change to select an existing gift card product that will serve as the base for your reward:

You can also add a custom image for your reward, which will be used when it gets added to the cart, and also in the email containing the gift card, sent to the customer after they complete their purchase.


Click on Add reward level to add a threshold after which a reward will be added to the cart:

You can add multiple reward levels to gift your customer with a different amount based on their order value. Make sure to click Save once you finish editing your reward levels.


To activate Rewards, click Enable, then Save:

See below a few details about how Rewards works:

  • When Rewards is enabled, Govalo will automatically detect the amount in the cart so it can add a reward;
  • Rewards takes the subtotal into account, i.e. the cart amount before shipping and taxes;
  • A single reward is added to the cart. If the cart amount changes and it hits a different threshold, Govalo will automatically adjust the rewarded amount;
  • If the cart's amount falls below the minimum threshold, the reward is automatically removed.

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