How to disable/delete a subscription gift

On some occasions, you may need to disable or delete a subscription gift generated through Govalo. At the moment Govalo doesn't have an option in the app to remove a subscription gift, so we've put up some steps below through which you can do it.

The steps below go through removing the code created, refunding the order, and also making sure the email doesn't get sent to the recipient:


In the Govalo app, go to Integrations > Configure Recharge, scroll down to see the list of subscription gifts created, and locate the gift you wish to delete. Here you'll copy the 4 last digits, which you will use to locate the code generated in Recharge and Shopify:


In the Recharge app, go to Discounts and type in the last 4 digits you copied from Govalo to locate the code created, then click the code to access its details page:


First, take note of the code you'll be deleting - you will need to email our team later on so we make sure to not send out the email for the code being deleted. Then, click on Delete discount code, then confirm the deletion in the prompt that opens next:


On Shopify admin, go to Discounts and repeat the steps to locate the code created (note: use the full code copied from Recharge when searching for it on Shopify), then click on it to access its details page:


Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on Delete discount, then confirm it in the prompt that opens next:


If you need to refund the order that generated the subscription gift, locate and access the order details on Shopify, or click on the order link from within the Govalo app to open the order details:


In the order details page, click on Refund:


Use the quantity selector to select the item to be refunded, then click on Refund to proceed with refunding the order:


Email our team at with a list of the codes you've deleted, so we make sure the emails for those codes do not get sent to the recipients.

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