Customizing the denomination/variant title of the options in your Gift Card

When creating your gift card products through Govalo, you will define what values, or denominations, will be offered as options for customers buying a gift card.

With that information, we create a corresponding product on Shopify, with each value being set as a variant of that product. Here's what the gift card product and its variants look like in the front end:

As you can see, Govalo sets the variant's title and price with the same value. There may be occasions in which you will want to set a custom title for your gift card values - let's say "Small card - $10" rather than just "$10", "Medium card - $25" rather than "$25" and so on.

While it's not possible to set a custom title for your values directly in Govalo, there's a way to do that by editing the product on Shopify - here's how:


In your Shopify Admin, go to Products, then locate and open the gift card product you wish to edit.


Scrolls down until you see the Variants, then click on the first variant to open the variants editor:


In the variants editor, adjust the variant title by changing the text in the field Value. Make sure to Save it when you're done editing:


In the editor's left panel, you can navigate to the other variants in your gift card product and repeat the same steps to adjust their title:

This is how it will look like in your gift card product page:

Note: while this won't affect Govalo's functionality, in the event that you edit your gift card product in Govalo and add new values to it, your variant titles will be reverted, as we will need to re-sync the values, so you will need to re-apply your changes.

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