Events Timeline Explained

Either for troubleshooting purposes, or merely to understand the life cycle of a gift card, it's often necessary to look at the events that occurred from the moment when a gift card was issued to the moment it was redeemed.

To help with that, in the details page of every gift card, Govalo displays a Timeline, similar to the one displayed by Shopify in their orders. To find it, in the Govalo app, simply go to the details page of any gift card.

In the timeline, you can see events such as:

  • Gift card issued
  • Email sent, including when it is resent
  • Gift card redeemed, including the amount redeemed and the Shopify order #
  • Gift card updated, such as when the balance is adjusted, or the recipient's email is changed
  • Gift card disabled

When hovering over an entry in the timeline, it will be highlighted and you will see the exact date and time in which the event occurred.

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