How to view, search and filter gift cards and store credit issued through Govalo

Besides making it easier to sell gift cards, Govalo also allows you to easily manage them directly in the app.

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See below what you can do both in the Gift Cards and Store Credit dashboards in the Govalo app.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the dashboard, you can see the list of items issued through Govalo, including details such as order info (when the gift card has been created through Shopify's checkout), card number, recipient name, recipient email, date issued, remaining balance and the original total value:

You can also click on the link right under the Order info column to go into the details page for the selected item, where you can see further details such as the sender, note, gift card image, and the timeline, as well as perform actions such as edit the recipient details or resend the gift card email:

Use the search bar to locate a specific gift card:

You can search by the Shopify order info, card number, recipient name, recipient email, remaining balance, and even the gift card note. The list will be updated as you type.

You can also use the extra filter capabilities next to the search bar to specify filter conditions:

  • Find cards issued on a specific date, or date range
  • Filter by status to find enabled or Text disabled
  • Filter by cards with full, partial or Text empty

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