Drip - Setting up your integration

In this guide, you will receive support on how to successfully set up your Drip integration.

Step 1

From within the Govalo app, select "Integrations". Find "Drip" and select "Configure Drip".

Step 2

Select "Authorize".

Step 3

Enter your Drip Account ID. Afterwards, select "Save" and then "Enable".

Note: Your Drip Account ID can be found in "Settings" within your Drip account. 

Next, ensure that your Gift Card/Store Credit recipient emails are coming from Drip. 

Step 4

From the page above, select "Configure".

Step 5

Next, select "Configure email templates".

Step 6

Select the template that you would like to send with Drip.

Step 7

Select "Drip" from the email source drop down menu.Note: In order for your emails to be sent from Drip successfully, you should set up a Workflow to send the Govalo Gift card/ Store credit in an email.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup your Drip Integration.

Should you need further assistance, please reach out to support@govalo.com

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