Klaviyo - Customizing your email template

Now that you have created your Flow, it's time to select your template, and customize it to add in the fields from Govalo.  

Step 1

Select your template (drag and drop is the most popular) which will allow you to use any previously created templates on your account.

Step 2

Add the necessary variables - reference variables can be found below:

You received a Govalo gift card!
Hi {{ event.recipient }}! {% if event.sent_to_self %}Here's your gift card.{% else %}{{ event.customer }} thinks you deserve to treat yourself.{% endif %}
{% if event.sent_to_self %}
{% else %}
  {% if event.gift_note != "" %}
    They also wanted us to tell you this:
  {{ event.gift_note }}
  {% else %}
  {% endif %}
{% endif %}
[Redeem your gift card](https://redeem.govalo.com/card/{{ event.hash }}) 

Gift Card Image:<br>event.gift_card_image

To add the gift card image, you'll select your image block, and use the "Placeholder" section to add event.gift_card_image

Step 3

After saving, the last two steps you'll need to take are turning off smart sending, and adjusting the send status from draft to live

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