Klaviyo - Creating a custom email template

If you're just getting started with your Klaviyo setup, please start at Setting up your integration. If you're looking for an HTML template that you can upload to Klaviyo instead, you can find one here.

Klaviyo allows you to easily set up an email template by dragging and dropping some elements and editing those individually. Below we show you how you can set an email for your gift card flow through Klaviyo's editor.


When editing your Gift Card flow, add an Email element to the flow, then Edit it:


Select the Drag and Drop option:


Go to the Basic section, then select the 1 Column template. In the popup that opens, click Use template:


Now it's time to build your gift card email. If you wish to add your store's logo, click Configure Image, then follow the directions provided in Klaviyo to upload your logo:


Next, click the text block, then on the panel on the left, click the icon to edit the Source code, as indicated below:

Here you'll paste the following piece of code, after which you'll click Done:

<p>You received a Govalo gift card!</p>

<p>Hi {{ event.recipient }}! {% if event.sent_to_self %}Here's your gift card.{% else %}{{ event.customer }} thinks you deserve to treat yourself.{% endif %}</p>

<p><img alt="Gift card image" style="height: 300px; width: auto;" src="{{ event.gift_card_image }}" /></p>

You may add another text block to put the rest of your email's content by dragging and dropping the Text element as shown below:

Once the new text block is added, repeat the process on step 5 to edit the source code, then add the following code to this text block, then click on Done:

{% if event.sent_to_self %} 
{% else %} 
	{% if event.gift_note != "" %}
		<p>They also wanted us to tell you this:</p>
		<p>{{ event.gift_note }}</p>
	{% else %} 
	{% endif %} 
{% endif %}

Finally, add a Button element to your template:

You'll set its Text to "Redeem your gift card", and its URL to the value indicated below:

https://redeem.govalo.com/card/{{ event.hash }}

From this point, you can add other elements to your email template such as further text, images, and even social links, according to your needs, using the elements offered by Klaviyo. You can also edit each one individually, setting their font, color, background color, among other settings:

Make sure to click Save and Exit when you're done editing your email template, and also to make it Live.

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